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21 апреля 2017

Paiotsu Break

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] Paiotsu Break

Paiotsu Break

Release: 2014/11/05

Paiotsu BreakPaiotsu BreakPaiotsu Break

Tournament fighting is more than a distraction from the life of poverty in Slum City!

Experience the success story of Paiotsu Break!
A male-AND-female double protagonist RPG where you can switch between the characters.
Walk in the shoes of the destitute lower class, experiencing all the "joys" of slum life!

* Male protagonist
In a world where women are the stronger sex,
a guy is out to prove his worth as a championship fighter.
If he can hold his own, he will earn the love of a woman.
Find romance with 12 possible partners, each with 2 or more cutscenes!
Circumstances and actions are reflected in changing artwork!
Release stress at the city brothel.
It's up to the player if you want to devote yourself or just play the field.

* Female protagonist
Embrace the life of a prostitute, have sex with clients, dress up in sexy outfits!
There's plenty of hot spots on the map for a "happening"!
Live as a free woman who gets to experience the best of sex.
Look after a freeloader at the gym and things can heat up!
Will you be a conservative mistress or slut her up like mad? It's the player's choice.

* Character customization
Assign points to the female protagonist to learn new skills!
Skills will give you more choices in fights!
You can dress and develop a character completely unique to your game.
Personalize the experience, enjoying the rivalry and the erotica!

* Various events
Special quests with unique situation events!
Be a hero to a woman trapped into prostitution, r*ped through a hole in the wall!
Be the r*pist who wrecks the prostitute in a rampage!
Take on a blackmailing organization!
In the game world, you can be a Man of Power!

* Fighting and erotica
Strikes / face punching / gut punching / titty clamps / nose hook / cobra twist /
reverse ryona / exposed genitalia / various sex positions / creampie / fellatio / 69 /
fist f*ck / spanking (bare handed and wood spatula) / hole in wall / choking / vibrator /
urination / threesome / milking / lotion massage / ero cosplay / more

* No blood, cutting, pregnancy or birth are depicted.
Various scenes are have variations that zoom or move with quasi-animation!
Use the keypad to interact during scenes!
For example: inserting anal beads or vibrator.
For example: fingering during the "cobra twist" move.

7 kinds of hardcore fight moves
Over 50 events without counting variations
A huge surge of unique artwork!

Replay / quick scene / toggle or change message display settings /
toggle cutscenes / randomize BGM / change screen size / show skills /
change battle speed settings / check flags / versus opponent options

Size: 341 Mb

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