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10 июня 2021

[Hentai RPG] Pandemonium: Slash Princess Sakura

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] Pandemonium: Slash Princess Sakura
[Hentai RPG] Pandemonium: Slash Princess Sakura[Hentai RPG] Pandemonium: Slash Princess Sakura

(Japanese title: Hyakki Yagyo: Tsuruhime Muzan, lit.
"Night March of 100 Spirits: Sword Princess Atrocity")

* The world's first real time H 3D ARPG arrives
The ero game world has never seen this kind of X-rated 3D action-roleplay fusion;
presenting high spec weapon-wielding, lifelike fluttering clothes, battles and sex scenes all in one.

* Full 3D open world and freestyle movement
Enjoy the huge freedom provided by 3rd person POV, with spontaneous lighting and movement
that bring life to battles that simply can't be experienced in 2D.

* 20 hit combos
Level up faster by chaining your attacks: Sakura can land up to 20 hits at a time. Battle in style!

* Ragdoll physics
Take unapologetic joy in slaying monsters that flop and fly in entertaining ways.

* Real time hair and cloth simulation
Sex scenes take on added realism with real time world details and reactive physics.

* Multiple outfits
Change Sakura's look anytime, anywhere. Every outfit can be obtained by defeating monsters.
Build her wardrobe and cosplay for even better sex.

* Monsters sex galore
Over 40 species and over 90 sex scenes. Do it all over the place!

* Created with UNITY 3D
For the best experience please see that your computer meets system requirements.
Please play the trial to confirm compatibility.
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10 июня 2021

[Hentai RPG] Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~[先行版]

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~[先行版]
[Hentai RPG] Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~[先行版][Hentai RPG] Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~[先行版]

* Game Introduction *

The time of your cum milking to the death draws near.

Will you fight? Turn the tables? Use persuasion? Oppose?

That's Impossible.

You are a helpless human being which has been caught by succubi.
In front of their overwhelming demon powers, you have no means to
resist and the only thing you can do... is way for your inevitable end.

That being said... You can run.
You are just food, livestock, a feeble human.
There is no need for them to restrain you or anything.
Seize the opportunity and escape from the house.

Boldly yet carefully... escape from your room and search for clues
that will help in your escape from the house.
Sometimes hiding from the succubi, something lying to them...
trembling in fear, you must nonetheless proceed.

Everything, is so that you can escape the house... alive.

Where you will be found, who will find you, how they will find you and
what awaits... How the succubi will punish you entirely depends on
how they feel at any given moment.
What can be said for certain though is, your fate is a gruesome one...
A fate of 'consumption'... as a source of nourishment.

Deceive, hide and sneak around, before the moment of your final hour
arrives... show the willpower of a weak being and attempt survival.

* Characteristics *
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4 июня 2021

[Hentai RPG] The Affairs of a Chikan! Glasses Pack

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] The Affairs of a Chikan! Glasses Pack
[Hentai RPG] The Affairs of a Chikan! Glasses Pack[Hentai RPG] The Affairs of a Chikan! Glasses Pack

This double pack contains The Affairs of a Chikan! Vol.1 + Vol.2
to commerate the circle's 5th release in the series.

Artwork provided by Kimagure After
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4 июня 2021

[Hentai RPG] アセリアのおでかけ ~スラム街のランダムダン

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] アセリアのおでかけ ~スラム街のランダムダン
[Hentai RPG] アセリアのおでかけ ~スラム街のランダムダン[Hentai RPG] アセリアのおでかけ ~スラム街のランダムダン







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3 июня 2021

[Hentai RPG] エルナと不思議な洞窟

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] エルナと不思議な洞窟
[Hentai RPG] エルナと不思議な洞窟[Hentai RPG] エルナと不思議な洞窟

■ ゲーム紹介





 モンスターは全部で7体。 7種類のエッチが遊べます!

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1 июня 2021

Pact of Exhibition [Touching & Exhibition RPG]

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

Pact of Exhibition [Touching & Exhibition RPG]
Pact of Exhibition [Touching & Exhibition RPG]Pact of Exhibition [Touching & Exhibition RPG]

Freedom of exhibiting around the town and touching her!!
To strip her off? Or to touch her? You can do whatever with mouse control!!
Retrieve energy (semen) while touching can be done anytime you want!!

* Prologue
A devilish succubus "Liam" descended on the protagonist Yuuichi!!
Liam has made a pact with Yuuichi but later it turns out that Yuuichi
is such a pervert who gets turned on towards nothing but exhibitionism!!
But her purpose to retrieve energy (semen) must be attained so that
Liam unwillingly starts doing exhibitionism plays.
However, she gradually gets into exhibitionism......

* Strip and touch her freely with a mouse!!
- Touch: Click to touch Liam's body
- Grope: Long click to grope Liam's body
- Slap: Push mouse wheel to slap Liam's body
- Move: Drag slowly to put her handbra aside, lift clothes up etc.
- Strip: Right click to put clothes off.

* Main event scenes are animated!!
Animated events happen upon sufficient "sexual training level" and "amount of energy"!!

* Touching feature in some sub-events
Some of the sub-events located around the town employ touching features!

* Affection level and excitement level

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22 мая 2021

[Hentai RPG] The Great Sword of Catastro-porne Ver1.06

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] The Great Sword of Catastro-porne Ver1.06

* New scenarios, game balancing changes, etc.
may be added in future version updates,
so please purchase with a registered member's account.

* This is a short product. By skipping sex scenes
play time can be completed in about 1 hour.
Including scene replays, time exceeds 3 hours.

* Recommended for:
- people who love suntan + silver hair + big breasts + crimson eyes
- people who get turned on by a beautiful strong-willed woman getting strewn around
- lovers of clothed/cosplay erotica
- people who go all moe for topless/bottomless
- fans of the prostitution element

* The protagonist, who earns her living as an adventurer,
(name customizable) battles in the dungeon of the so-called
Ruins of Evolution... (can completed as a virgin).

* There is no general game over. (except for certain bad ending)

* CG artwork provided by Roudoc2 and Takami Nao from Open-Air Market
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22 мая 2021

[Hentai RPG] ミンク-魔界の魔法少女ー

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] ミンク-魔界の魔法少女ー
[Hentai RPG] ミンク-魔界の魔法少女ー[Hentai RPG] ミンク-魔界の魔法少女ー[Hentai RPG] ミンク-魔界の魔法少女ー




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19 мая 2021

[Hentai RPG] Chronicles of Prey 2

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] Chronicles of Prey 2
[Hentai RPG] Chronicles of Prey 2[Hentai RPG] Chronicles of Prey 2[Hentai RPG] Chronicles of Prey 2

Malevolent demon bitches have invaded our world again!
Bring the demonesses down; r*pe everyone into submission.

The new side scrolling ero action game.
R*pe the demon girls half-naked in their outfits!
Missionary, doggy style, breast sex, gangbang, reverse r*pe, tentacles, even undead sex...

* 5 stages each with super powered bosses.
Defeat the bosses to unlock event CGs.

* Bonus modes! Gather all the girls into a trophy room! Zombie summon mode! Infinite r*pe mode!

* Auto save keeps track of your HP, MP, items and progress.

Go on a retro pixel rampage of sexy fantasy action.
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19 мая 2021

[Hentai RPG] kokona online

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] kokona online
[Hentai RPG] kokona online[Hentai RPG] kokona online

* Story
The RPG adventure of a nekomimi girl who goes in search of her lost memories.

* System
Classic pure roleplaying (created with RPG Tkool)
- symbol encounters mark enemies on map
- no game over
- pose art with dynamic changes
- equip armor
- lewdness meter
- gain XP in battle to unlock skills
- HP and MP regeneration
- speed up option
- text skip option
- 640x480 display
- hint system (enjoy free roam!)
- CG appreciation room
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13 мая 2021


Category: Hentai RPG 18+


Young girl Arte, out collecting items for her alchemy lab, met a man who gave her a burglar's outfit and got her locked up in a witch's house...
Help her escape this place using her powers of alchemy, but watch for various traps and powerful enemies...

H scenes include masturbation, esbian, contraption sex, etc.
After you clear the game, all CGs can be viewed!

RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP is required (free)
Trial game saves cannot be transferred to the full game.
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6 мая 2021

[Hentai RPG] Chinpoman

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] Chinpoman
[Hentai RPG] Chinpoman[Hentai RPG] Chinpoman[Hentai RPG] Chinpoman

Play as a chinpoman:
swing your cock like a madman to kill enemies or
shoot them with your destructive sperm;
defeat the boss and fuck her.

3 challenging stages, 1 boss, 7 main sex positions with 2-3 sub positions, total 19 animated sex sprites
with full rendered digitally paint style.
The boss has 7 attack moves which link to sex positions e.g., if you kill her while she's on her knees
you will get doggy style sex.

The game has 2 separate versions: EASY and HARD
Easy is for the casual gamer.
Hard is for those who want a real challenge. It's really hard but fun.
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28 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] Pet the Doggy Maid

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] Pet the Doggy Maid
[Hentai RPG] Pet the Doggy Maid[Hentai RPG] Pet the Doggy Maid

A touching game with a purebred original "inukko" maid
Click the command buttons and watch her reactions (all motions created with Live2D)
The more you pet her, the more her affection will rise
You can earn more buttons and do more things
There is reactionary text dialogue, but no particular story
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28 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] 少女錬金術師 アネットの冒険

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] 少女錬金術師 アネットの冒険
[Hentai RPG] 少女錬金術師 アネットの冒険[Hentai RPG] 少女錬金術師 アネットの冒険[Hentai RPG] 少女錬金術師 アネットの冒険





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26 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] The Zombie Hazard

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] The Zombie Hazard
[Hentai RPG] The Zombie Hazard[Hentai RPG] The Zombie Hazard

The Zombie Hazard -Taihaikansen-

Screw survivors in an abandoned school overrun by zombies.
Gun action x Zombie (and Human) sex animation RPG.

When a research facility explosion turns the city into zombies
the protagonist takes shelter in a closed-down school,
where he utilizes whatever arsenal he can.
Roam the halls pumping lead into the undead and spunk into female survivors.
There are 4 main heroines and zombies ranging from loli to milf,
a total of 12 distinct characters
Your treatment of a character may cause her to open her legs
or you can take her by force... survivors may be come zombies
which you can have sex with, or restore the zombies to
human form if that fits your taste
Violate heroines in their sleep too
Scenes are animated with sound effects and let you choose vaginal or anal sex.
In sleep sex mode you'll see up more than 100 variations of images.
Toggle cross-section views and visible text on or off anytime during sex.

After you clear the game you can choose any character you met in the game
and do her again and again.
Game difficult options are available, with an unlockable New Game Plus.
This game is created to appeal to casual and challenge lovers both
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23 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] Datsugoku * Princess

Category: Hentai RPG 18+, Lolicon

[Hentai RPG] Datsugoku * Princess
[Hentai RPG] Datsugoku * Princess[Hentai RPG] Datsugoku * Princess

Princess Sarumiakki reigns a magical kingdom.

Super duper pretty, super duper gentle, super duper wise.

Events turn sour and the princess is jailed in a
dungeon prison created by a magical blunder many years ago.
Long forgotten, the sprawling dungeon is a super duper hell.

Dash about the dungeon and take back your life!
Fight with the help of a mysterious merchant's daughter
against tentacles, big d*cked monsters, foul humans,
evading punishment, masturbation, moral decline, etc.
in your goal to escape!
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23 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] Nighttime Hide and Seek!!

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] Nighttime Hide and Seek!!
[Hentai RPG] Nighttime Hide and Seek!![Hentai RPG] Nighttime Hide and Seek!!

Milly and party got lost while roaming the mountains.
Eventually they came to a lodge where they were given refuge.
The lodge owner "Alice" was a very unusual young girl.

Milly and Alice begin an overnight game of Hide and Seek---

A simple and fast paced mini RPG w/ conversations, search mechanics.
"Battles" are sex events only, without any need to level up.
Scenarios are easy-to-read comedy scenes...

of maniac hardcore assault!

Enjoy a perky cute character in contrarily adult sex scenes.
The main action is bondage, petrification, gapeface, forced creampies,
with hole-in-wall/barracks, forced fellatio, sperm baths and other mania.
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18 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] 妖狐淫刀

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] 妖狐淫刀
[Hentai RPG] 妖狐淫刀[Hentai RPG] 妖狐淫刀[Hentai RPG] 妖狐淫刀





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17 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] The Bathhouse Loves A Boy

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai RPG] The Bathhouse Loves A Boy
[Hentai RPG] The Bathhouse Loves A Boy[Hentai RPG] The Bathhouse Loves A Boy[Hentai RPG] The Bathhouse Loves A Boy

* Game intro *
The Bathhouse Loves A Boy. (Boku ga suki ni natta sentou., lit.,
"The bathhouse that took a liking to the little boy.") is a sweet, spoiling oneshota
onsen RPG in which "Yuu" the boy protagonist enters a ladies' public bath.

The bathhouse changes as time progresses.
Women come, people go, get in the tub and wash...
The ladies that the boy meets will react to certain timing and situations,
take aim at the boy, for secret sex or a comforting, casual atmosphere.

The same CGs might have sexual passion or motherly tenderness
depending on the mood of the ladies.
For example, an aroused lady, a forceful lady, that sort of thing.

* Game play *
No leveling up or battles!
Roam the bathhouse, interact with ladies on the second day,
on the third day you see one of multi endings. A simple RPG.

Enter the bathhouse as Yuu and pass the time, play around, get clean... and get dirty.

- Multiple endings, save anywhere.
- Reviewable CG appreciation mode.
(Save data is shareable, so viewing CGs and scenes once makes them accessible to all.)
- Auto text, hide message window, message skip features.

12 base visuals + many variations + @ (bonus CGs, etc.)
20 H scenes
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16 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] Merry Xmas 3.5

Category: Hentai RPG 18+, Lolicon

[Hentai RPG] Merry Xmas 3.5
[Hentai RPG] Merry Xmas 3.5

Ero Action RPG

----- Controls -----
Arrows: Move
Shift: Dash
Z, Enter, Space: Select, Confirm, Talk
Alt+Enter: Full screen toggle
Alt+F4: Quit game
F1: Game properties
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16 апреля 2021

[Hentai RPG] Girls & Weapons

Category: Hentai RPG 18+, Lolicon

[Hentai RPG] Girls & Weapons
[Hentai RPG] Girls & Weapons[Hentai RPG] Girls & Weapons[Hentai RPG] Girls & Weapons

She's not the hero... she's the weapon!

A regular schoolgirl is whisked off to a fantasy world.
Plug her sexy holes with items! Transform her body and wield her against the enemy!

Deeper Learning presents a fantasy world that lives by strict, strange rules.
Humans who are good aren't allowed to own weapons.
Thus, monsters and scumbags were gradually taking over.

A loophole was found.
The good humans summoned a schoolgirl from a parallel world.
Legend has it that only she can bear weapons... by becoming them!

Girls & Weapons is a nude damage / monster r*pe / S&M / brutal sex training RPG!

* Nude damage
Attacks destroy the clothes of the schoolgirl.
Your partner's status displays normally in-game.

Information of news
10 апреля 2021

[Hentai Fighting] STRIP FIGHTER 5

Category: Hentai RPG 18+

[Hentai Fighting] STRIP FIGHTER 5
[Hentai Fighting] STRIP FIGHTER 5[Hentai Fighting] STRIP FIGHTER 5[Hentai Fighting] STRIP FIGHTER 5

The latest entry of the parody fighting series!
New and improved graphics and system!

* Where knockouts come after knockers-out!
Tear off the opponent's defenses (clothes!) with the "Porori Crush System"
(This is no "piyori" victory by fainting! It's a full blown porn brawl!)

* Decisive strikes! Strip combos!
Fighters go full frontal when you deliver a last-round strip combo K.O.

* Every character has aggressive assault-actics!
Guy on girl. Girl on guy. Girl on girl! Girl on futanari! All combinations are here.
Moves run the rainbow of vanilla banging to backdoor sodomy, facedrilling, tit rodeos,
footies, glans attack, leztastic tribadism, and the ultimate hentai classic: tentacles!

* Brutally hardcore (ryona) K.O. scenes
Defeat the dark martial arts master "S" and witness the hardcore reward.
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