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28 августа 2019

[FLASH] Tiara * Phantasia

Category: Flash 18+

[FLASH] Tiara * Phantasia
[FLASH] Tiara * Phantasia [FLASH] Tiara * Phantasia [FLASH] Tiara * Phantasia [FLASH] Tiara * Phantasia

There was a girl living deep in the mountains. Her name, Tiara.
She lived with her mother and elder sister. A young energetic girl she was.

But that all changed one day... Upon returning home from hunting,
she found her house in disarray and her family being violated...
The shocking scenery of her beloved elder sister pierced through her heart.

Their bloodline one of particular prowess. Their children said to be blessed
with great strength and talent... and thus a target for relentless breeding.

The result... Her elder sister, perished and her mother, became captive seed bed...
"Tiara... run, run for your life..." were her last words of wisdom but...

Tiara chose the path of MOST resistance... to FIGHT!


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