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Cage of Desire

16 марта 2012. Разместил: STRANNICK NVIDIA
[3D FLASH] Cage of Desire

Cage of Desire

The lead character accidentally obtains two tools: control someone's mind, and make someone's desire visible in the shape of a tentacle monster. By using the tools, control this slut's father the way you want, and lead his beautiful young daughter into the world of sensuality!

In every sex scene, 'girl being raped by guy' and 'girl being raped by tentacles' can be immediately switched to one another!!
Enjoy the new 'double eroticism' feature that is never before seen!!

Full animation / 430MB!!!!
5 ending patterns. The story shifts from event to event by your command selection.
Hentai loop animation in 200 patterns.
A lot of costumes and play contents. You will not be bored.
A single click switches the sex scenes to 'tentacle' mode.
The bishoujo is pounded so hard by tentacles with real moves.
Hentai voice/sound effects, by pro voice actress.
ON/OFF function is featured for hentai voice/sound effects.
Save, and gallery mode eliminates your anxiety during the play.

Size : 430 Mb

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